We are inspiRED solutions

Make the company itself the ultimate product—be a time-keeper,
not the time-teller

Make the company itself the ultimate product—be a time-keeper,
not the time-teller

Make the company itself the ultimate product—be a time-keeper,
not the time-teller

360 degree approach

InspiRED radiates a 360* ideology; an ideology that has InspiRED us to be the ‘best-in-class’

Launched by Nehal Shah

InspiRED seeks to challenge the world of ‘clichés’ by creating a leeway to concepts that usher a ‘Return-on-Investment’ for clients.


Decisive; Aggressive,Proactive,Perseverance, Energized and Resilient.

Why Us?

Irrespective of the project-assignment, our passion for what we do drives us to exceed all expectations in every relationship we build with our clients.

We work closely with customers
to bring their ideas to life.

We work closely with
customers to bring their
ideas to life.

We work closely with customers to bring their ideas to life.


• • We adopt integrated marketing communication (IMC) as an approach for brand and corporate communications. Different practices work seamlessly to deliver an experiential solution to the customer. Our recommendations are presented with a similar tone and style that reinforces the brand’s core message.
• Our goal is to make all aspects of marketing communication such as advertising, sales promotion, public relations direct marketing, online communications and social media work together as a unified force, rather than permitting each to work in isolation, which maximizes their cost effectiveness.
• We put all our brains, heart and soul in what we do and always go that extra mile for the client.


• IP events is one of inspiRED many strengths.
Media relations: incorporates partnering with media houses / representatives for disseminating information / content to the literate masses. The data may be related to vision-mission, products, services, policies and practices in a positive, dependable and ethical form. It essentially translates into garnering hospitable relations with journalists from print, electronic and wire services. The aim is to institutionalize a positive share of voice in the target media. Unlike paid advertising, media relations delves into the unpaid form of communication.


• Experiential Marketing is what we're all about. We specialize in: making your brand real and relevant in the world of today's consumers.
• We recommend and implement an array of tools that are customizable to your needs. And it all delivers your marketing message to the Target Groups. Because before you can close the sale, you've got to close the distance.
• We bridge gaps and create fresh connects between your brand and consumer groups, in their personal world, allowing your brand to come alive. These connections should be formed by experiences that are personally relevant to the consumer, we make these connections memorable.

Image Management:

• Relates to the very aspect of counselling, sensitizing and inducting key management personnel in the art of functioning and positioning themselves within varied target groups.
• Our experts have domain knowledge in advisory services that range from Power Dressing, Etiquette, Fine Dining, speech modulation, presentation skills besides international culture sensitivities


• Having the market experience for a few years now has given us the knowledge and expertise required to deliver visually outstanding yet robust solutions that actually work.
• We manage internal and external communication and fulfill the communication management function of a corporate whilst dealing with controlled and uncontrolled media and serving both internal and external audiences. Our team of experts are proficient proactive communication planning and advocating communication strategies and tactics.
• Monitoring the responses from audiences and markets and counselling and advising senior executives of the management team, managing issues and responding to crisis situations falls under our one of many practices. Our clientele also talk broadly about our organisational image creation and maintainence adeptness.

Crisis Management:

• Businesses and service providers are susceptible to accidents. And if these occurrences aren’t addressed proactively, invariably the promoters face irate employees, government machinery, investors and the danger of share value at the mercy of market upheavals.
• Specialists at the agency have created templates to address minute details related to unwanted eventualities. Training modules have been developed are implemented in organization that are people intensive. Specific modules are tailor made depending on the scope and spectrum of assignment. The goal of Crisis Management within the agency is to proactively address the problem area and garner the support of various stakeholders with the aim of stabilizing the brand.


• IP events is one of inspiRED many strengths.
• IPs are intellectual properties patented and owned by a brand or an individual.
• We feel it is essential to own a property event of your own as the consumers can connect to the product a lot more closely than otherwise • Our team of experts aides your brand design a property in such a way that it relates to the product closely
• We have brainstorming sessions with the client to create an event matching their company's core ideology, vision and mission. The event is such that, it can be used with minor modifications to reach out to various segments and target markets.

Corporate Social Responsibility:

• A specialized practice, team members counsel the client in research and eventual adoption of a logically valid CSR platform. The focus is to empower the marginalized communities with resources hence making them independent. We advise our stakeholders in approaching CSR with a strategic indent rather than garnering tactical advantages through media content.

Employee engagement

• We partner with Human Resources and conceptualize Training and Development modules. The inductions may vary from Code of Conduct to specific mandates related to senior executives within the management echelon.

Public Affairs:

• A separate cell consisting of economists and research fellows advise clients on policy issues spanning business, political arena, international markets and local sensitivities. The team of experts also create content for media dissemination and garnering strategic readership

Content Management and Development

a. Our team of writers and web developers have domain expertise in building portal architecture besides programming mandates for static and dynamic literature. The content spans
i. Vision
ii. Mission
iii. Aim
iv. Profile of the company
v. Case studies
vi. History
vii. Profile of products, services and offerings
viii. National and international network
ix. Profile of management
x. Code of conduct
xi. Systems and processes
xii. Media content
xiii. Photography
xiv. Graphics
xv. Presentations
xvi. Corporate films
xvii. CSR initiatives

Rewards and Recognition:

• The agency has a separate practice to conceptualize and implement ‘Acknowledgement’ initiatives. We regularly manage, coordinate and implement activities such as “Town Hall Meets”, Dealer and Distributor conclaves, Business Group Awards. • InspiRED creates experiences using an integrated portfolio of services which has worked to the advantage of our corporate clients. An integrated portfolio of services translates to benefits like cost effectiveness, a cohesive creative process and flawless execution.

Who we are

Team InspiRED is core group of DAPPER young professionals incorporating traits that are Decisive; Aggressive, Proactive, Perseverance, Energized and Resilient.
InspiRED offers a wide array of customized communication modules in the 4th Estate:
A. Media Relations
B. Image Management
C. Corporate Communications
D. Crisis Management
E. Investor Relations
F. Corporate Social Responsibility
G. Employee engagement
H. Rewards and Recognition
I. Public Affairs
J. Content Management and Development

Key to the above practices is our InspiRED belief that Public Relations is a short lived initiative irrespective of the span.
We firmly believe that effective PR is a fine blend of all 4th estate practices + target group interactivity + corporate relations resulting into near continuous brand equity.

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